Shopping In Kullu: Markets And Things To Buy In 2021

Shopping In Kullu: Markets And Things To Buy In 2021

Kullu is not only famous for its beautiful surroundings of giant mountains, lush green valleys and beautiful rivers, but also a perfect place for shopping purposes. The markets of Kullu offer varieties of traditional and modern stuff for shopping. Visiting the beautiful hill station of Kullu would get you many chances to buy something unique and different and make a sweet memory for a lifetime. Here is the list of Shopping In Kullu Markets And Things To Buy In 2021.

Top things to buy in Kullu in 2020

  • Woolen Clothing 

Shopping In Kullu: Markets And Things To Buy In 2021

Kullu is well known for the production of wool and woolen clothes. There is no better feeling than wearing warm clothes on winter nights. Kull is the perfect place for the shopping of woolens, as sweaters are made here of different varieties of wool and in different patterns.  Yak wools are most famous among tourists. The best part is that the woolen clothes are made here by the locals themselves.

As every place has its own charm and culture, Kullu also has its own charm in their woolens. They are unique in their own way. The designs are mostly in geometric patterns, which are not generally found in Kashmiri markets.  These woolens are very comfortable, light in weight, and practical. So make sure to buy some woolen clothes for you and your loved ones on your visit to Kullu. This will add uniqueness to your wardrobe as a token of Kullu. 

  • Prayer wheels

prayer wheel

Prayer wheels have great religious values for Buddhist culture. It is a cylindrical wheel made of different materials like metal, stone, wool, cotton, or leather. Several Buddhist mantras are written on these wheels. One of these common mantras is  ‘om mani Padme hum’. The prayer wheels are the symbol of hope, prosperity, positivity, and luck. 

You can know how to use these cylindrical prayer wheels in any Buddhist temple and feel the power and positive energy inside you. You can purchase this prayer wheel in the market of Kullu to keep it to yourself or to gift your loved ones. 

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  • Wooden art

Shopping In Kullu: Markets And Things To Buy In 2021

Small wooden arts in the market of Kullu, is another unique and interesting thing you can purchase. These wooden planks are extremely beautiful and can be inscribed by quotes, names, and addresses of your choice. Generally, people purchase this to gift their loved ones and to make nameplates for offices and homes. They are also a very unique piece of art to decorate your houses and rooms. 

These wooden art pieces are available in different pieces like leaves, ship, guitars, houses, and many others. 

  • Paintings

paintings in kullu

The paintings of Buddha and Buddhism art and culture in the shops of Kullu attract both national and international visitors. It is one of the best things to buy from Kullu. The Buddhism culture has been practiced in Kullu for a very long time and the temples of Buddhists are decorated with these beautiful paintings. At a certain time, these beautiful paintings make their appearance in the market for sale.  These paintings cannot only be used for decoration of homes or offices but also add a unique charm to your place. So, don’t forget to shop for these beautiful Kullu paintings as a token of reminder for Kullu. 

  • Dry fruits 

As a hill station, the climate and temperature of Kullu are ideal for the plantation of horticulture commodities. Medicinal plants, teas, aromatic plants, and dry fruits grow here in vast amounts. So, you can enjoy garden-fresh apples, cherries, and pears together with dry fruits like almond, walnut, hazelnut, and chestnut. As we know that dry fruits are gifted in India on many occasions and festivals, so to not shop for these dry fruits from Kullu would be totally a waste. You can get the best quality of dry fruits at good prices at the shops of Kullu. These shops also deliver these gems in other parts on order online. 

Top Markets in Kullu for Shopping 

  • Amartex

Amartex is a single big mall in Kullu where you can find branded merchandise. You can shop for brands like H&M, Levis, and Zara, etc. 

  • Bhuttico

Bhuttico is the biggest woolen market in Kullu where you can buy woolen clothes, caps, fuzzy socks, mufflers, and other woolen stuff. 

  • Tibetan Market

The Tibetan market is one of the top markets in Kullu for shopping for decorative items, Tibetan ornaments, and shawls. 

  • Sultanpur Market

Visit Sultanpur market for shopping for traditional jewellery and beautiful paintings.

  • The Himalayan craft 

The Himalayan craft is one of the most popular markets in Kullu for shopping. You will find here unique and beautiful handicrafts, souvenirs, and bibs and bobs. 

Plan a trip to Kullu to explore the beautiful scenic views together with its vibrant culture.

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